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About our Day Skipper Courses

A Day Skipper should have the skills and knowledge needed to be in charge of a small yacht at Sea, in familiar waters by day, and to be able to take a crew of lesser experienced people out safely and bring them back.
The Shorebased course is suitable for Motor Yachtsmen as well as those who prefer to go to Sea under sail.

This will appeal to those with:
  • some experience of yachts or dingy sailing, probably in the distant past, but who recognise the value of proper training
  • a Competent Crew course certificate who want to progress further
  • plenty of practical yachting experience but want to consolidate their learning with a more formal qualification
  • some experience of sailing but want to charter yachts and understand they need the day skipper ticket to do so, or
  • seek a route to an International Certificate of Competence
These examples are not exclusive but the programme will build knowledge and confidence.

Day Skipper is a RYA course of two parts; first you should do the "Shorebased" part, and follow this with the Practical course.

Day Skipper Shorebased Course

The Day Skipper Shorebased course is normally done in a classroom, but equally it could be in your kitchen! This is a ‘theory’ course with a minimum of 40 hours teaching time and two final assesments of about one and a half hours each.
Picture of Plotter and Dividers

Six days is best - some RYA schools will teach this in 5. We could do that but we believe that it is better for you if the days have a break between, say six Saturdays or six Sundays, and maybe even a fortnight apart.

If you have asked us to supply your course when we have not one planned, we will have to agree a timetable with you that also suit us!

There are twelve exercises to be completed as ‘course work’. You will need to find an additional hour (and maybe as much as 4 hours) for each exercise, depending on your experience.

You will probably need to complete at least two of these exercises between each of our teaching sessions. You will want them all marked and back to you, before you sit the final assessments.

A previous student writes
I met someone who had done the theory and practical courses back to back. The person had no time at all to consolidate their learning.  For me the course work took between 2 and 4 hours to complete, you need to receive the feedback so that you have time to learn from your mistakes....but not so much time as to forget what you previously learned.”

Another (LF ) kindly writes to us
I think a real strength of your course is the attention you give to personalised feedback on coursework. The course is interactive in the sense that a range of teaching methods are used including discussing the key areas, looking at relevant slides, handling equipment and practising plotting on charts.”

Where we run this course will depend upon numbers of people enrolling. If we need to rent space, as a classroom, this is most likely to be in the suburbs of Leicester (at no extra cost to you).

For the teaching fee we quote you, you’ll get the 40 hours teaching time, your coursework marked with feedback and e-mail support, tea or coffee with biscuits at each session, the examinations and when successful, the course certificate. In addition you will also have to pay for the practice charts, a training Almanac and the RYA course note book.

Some previous practical experience on board a yacht, at Sea, would be preferred, though is not essential - you may have completed the “Competent Crew” course.

We will be able to offer you a “Navigators Kit” consisting of a pair of dividers, a Bretton or Portland Plotter, a 2B pencil, a pencil sharpener and an eraser. Depending on your personal ambitions, we may advise on the additional purchase of books.

You will need to provide an A4 ring folder for your notes, note paper, a pen, a calculator and your lunch on each day!

Book two people together for the same course and we will give you 5% discount.

To find the teaching fees and other costs for our current planned courses and to find out how to enrol, click the link: Course Costs.

Buy RYA Navigation Handbook at the RYA Shop
Buy the RYA Navigation Handbook at the RYA Shop to help you
with your Course!
The Day Skipper Practical Course involves spending a minimum of 5 days on a yacht, with an instructor. You do lots of yacht handling and put into practice all of the navigation, safety, pilotage and seamanship things that you learned in your Shorebased course. We can also help arrange your sail practical course.
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