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This is our MENU HELP page.

This web site navigation or “Menu” icon (or Button) looks like this:    Picture of Menu button    and you should find it on the top-left of each of our pages.

Our “Slideout Menu” should work on most devices except older browsers like Internet Explorer earlier than IE9, some phones such as Blackberry, Android and similar.
  • Click, Touch or Tap the MENU icon, top left of the page - the menu should slide out.
  • To slide it away, Click, Touch or Tap anywhere on blank part of a page or Click, Touch or Tap the MENU icon.
  • On touch screen tablets and similar, the menu should scroll up and down by swiping it.
  • On computers with a Mouse, to scroll the menu, open the menu, place the mouse over any part of it and use the mouse wheel.
  • No Mouse? The TAB key will move you down the menu one item at a time.
Some Phone and Small Screen devices
  If your screen is less than 450 pixels wide, you may not see the Slideout Menu at all. The MENU icon you will see, takes you to a different page with the menu quite seperate, as a list. This should be easy enough to use.

Older Browsers     Click this clickhere and keep it in a seperate tab.
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