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E-mail updates about our future activities

We do not usually send more than one E-mail per month. We hope it will bring to your attention activities you may be interested in. It's as easy to stop our mail arriving as it is to start them. For more details, see below.
Click here to  for E-mail updates from 1st Watersport or  to stop us sending them. You just need your E-mail address!

BT Internet and Yahoo

In particular, we have known Spam filters that come with BT or Yahoo accounts to fail to deliver our mail updates, although you have requested them from us. If you have an E-mail address ending with or (and others), agreeing to subscribe to our E-mail will not guarantee that our mail will arrive in your Inbox! BT and Yahoo operate a system whereby mail that might be spam is diverted into a special folder within your BT (or Yahoo) account. It stays there for a while, perhaps a few weeks, and then is deleted (without asking you). To overcome this (especially if you use a mail programme like Outlook or Live Mail, or others) you need to log into your BT (or Yahoo) account, find our mail in your Spam folder and then make the necessary changes there - to say this is not Spam. From that point onwards it should be OK.

Privacy and your data

We have a Privacy Policy which describes how we will treat any data we have about you. To find this, look for the policy under the "About Us" in our menu.

Wish list!

When you register, or at a later date, if you tell us what sort of thing you hope we might fix for you, we can then see if we have others wanting the same. This could be something like a yachting mileage builder, a sailing holiday in a particular location or a RYA First Aid course to be run in Leicestershire. We already have people interested in cross-channel trips and sailing on the west coast of Scotland for example.
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